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Coffee. The true soul of San Tommaso 10

Excellent blends. Exciting recipes and new textures. Special ingredients that transform preparation methods and multiply the opportunities to enjoy a perfect coffee.

The coffee corner in San Tommaso 10 welcomes you with its historic counter, while the coffee machines take you through the history of the art of blends, invented by Luigi Lavazza. Here coffee brewing becomes a true art, and tasting turns into a moment of real pleasure.

Quality has always been central to our work, and the search for the best coffee plantations, along with our historic expertise in selecting blends, goes hand in hand with our desire to experiment and innovate.

Here at San Tommaso 10 everything starts with three Lavazza blends made especially for cafés — Gran Riserva, Top Class and Tierra Intenso — as well as Lavazza’s signature decaffeinated blend, Dek.

They represent the very finest and make the coffee corner at San Tommaso 10 a must for coffee lovers.

Coffee that changes texture — solid in some cases, spherified in others, unpredictable in yet others — is the concept behind the recipes created by the team at the Lavazza Training Center, the world’s largest coffee school in Italy and worldwide, and by the leading representatives of haute cuisine, such as Ferran Adrià, Carlo Cracco, Davide Oldani and Massimo Bottura, who have worked with us for years to invent new surprises in the area of taste.

The result? Forty-five excellent specialities revolving around perfect Lavazza coffee, ready to win you over with an inimitable coffee experience.