Over 120 years
of Italian coffee

Since 1895, Lavazza has been crafting some of the world’s most desired coffees.
It started with our Founder, Luigi Lavazza, who invented the concept of coffee blending or the art of combining beans from different regions.
Since that time, four generations of the Lavazza family have continued our founder’s commitment to quality and have devoted their lives to the pursuit of coffee perfection.
We invite you to try one of Lavazza’s distinctive coffees, and you’ll know why Lavazza is Italy’s favourite coffee.

Our Products

Lavazza has dedicated over 120 years to perfecting the art of coffee and delivering authentic Italian experiences.
Each of Lavazza’s ground coffees have been expertly crafted with careful attention to bean selection, roasting method, and grind to produce coffees of distinction.
Available in medium, dark, and espresso roasts, Lavazza’s assortment of coffees offer a variety of flavourful and aromatic experiences to be savoured.

L’Espresso Italiano Classico - Lavazza
Medium Roast


Rich and full-bodied with
an intense aroma of dried fruits

Espresso roast


Bold with lingering caramel notes

Lavazza Perfetto Espresso
Medium roast

Gran Aroma

Smooth and aromatic
with floral aroma and citrus notes

Lavazza Gran Aroma
Dark Roast

Gran Selezione

Intense and full-bodied
with chocolate undertones
and Rainforest Alliance Certified

Lavazza Gran Selezione
Lavazza Kilimanjaro


Crisp flavour
with sweet and fruity notes


Santa Marta

Balanced body with
subtle hints of praline

Lavazza Santa Marta
Dark roast


Bold and full-bodied with balanced
smoky and caramel flavours

Lavazza Intenso