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1993 marks the year of the first Lavazza calendar, with photographs by Helmut Newton. This was the start of a thrilling journey, a unique relationship between the worlds of photography and Lavazza coffee.

Each calendar quickly becomes a sought-after, cherished collector's item, with the world's top photographers taking turns behind the camera. The calendar also plays a lead role in Lavazza's international communications.


    2012 – 12 Special Photographers



    The Lavazzers is the name of the twentieth edition of the Lavazza Calendar, which reunites 12 masters of photography that helped to make it such a success over the years: Erwin Olaf, Thierry Le Gouès, Miles Aldridge, Marino Parisotto, Eugenio Recuenco, Elliott Erwitt, Finlay MacKay, Mark Seliger, Annie Leibovitz, Albert Watson, David LaChapelle, Ellen von Unwerth.

    They play and celebrate their special relationships with Lavazza coffee through self-portraits. Led by the Armando Testa agency, the 12 photographers have interpreted themselves through innovative, unusual, and highly imaginative shots.


    2011 – Mark Seliger

    Falling in love in Italy is easy. The beauty of the landscapes, the mild climate, or the charm of the local architecture, suggests the noblest of sentiments. This is the theme of the 2011 calendar: an intense journey through photographs, recounted in a witty and surreal tone by the American photographer Mark Seliger.

    The photographer: Mark Seliger
    His first engagement was with Rolling Stone. In 10 years, he shot more than 125 covers and directed numerous music videos.

    The models: Olivia Wilde, Tao Ruspoli, Bill Gentle, Monica Castillo, Enrique Palacios, Noot Seear, Cedric Bihr, Liliana Dominguez, Alessandro Giallocosta, Violet Budd, Jeisa Chiminazzo, Ivan Olita

    The set: Capri, Naples, Verona, Tuscany, Venice, and Florence 


    2010 – Miles Aldridge



    The star of the Lavazza calendar in 2010, The Italian Espresso Experience, is Italian music. This pop and upbeat calendar has been produced by the influential British photographer Miles Aldridge, who has taken 7 memorable shots.

    The photographer: Miles Aldridge
    He loves colours that don’t exist in nature— phosphorescent yellow, bubblegum pink and the bright green of imitation grass.

    The models: Bianca Balti, Georgia Frost, Lydia Hearst, Daisy Lowe, Alexandra Tomlinson, Alek Alexeyeva

    The set: Rome, Italy


    2009 – Annie Leibovitz



    For the Lavazza calendar 2009, Annie Leibovitz interprets the Italian style with seven images. This spectacular journey is a tribute to the 'Bel Paese', celebrating fashion, art, cuisine, seduction, cinema and history. This itinerary is guided by a cup of Lavazza espresso, the iconic emblem of the Italian lifestyle around the world.

    The photographer: Annie Leibovitz
    She is the most famous and celebrated living photographer: named as a Living Legend by the US Library of Congress.

    The models: Eva Riccobono, Gilda Sansone, Brooke and Alison Kowalski, Kate Ballo, Elettra Wiedemann, Marco De Conciliis, Alessia Piovan

    The set: Rome, Italy


    2008 – Finlay MacKay



    Through seductive glances and sumptuous backdrops, the queens of the Lavazza calendar 2008 beckon us to their courts for a real majestic experience. Every respectable queen has her king, and the king of the calendar is Lavazza espresso.

    The photographer: Finlay MacKay
    His first photographs revealed a highly original and innovative style that draws inspiration from the street art and comics, as well as from more classic English schools of painting.

    The models: Sofie Nielander, Maria Dvirnik, Xiuli Gao, Anna Sjoberg, Cicely Telman, Awoi Mac Bullen Geu

    The set: Milan, Italy


    2007 – Eugenio Recuenco




    Set in a lawless city, sensual superheroines made unstoppable by Lavazza coffee are the subject of the Eugenio Recuenco calendar. The masterful use of light and colour make every shot of the 2007 calendar very suggestive.

    The photographer: Eugenio Recuenco
    Considered one of the most creative contemporary photographers in Spain, he is famous worldwide for his works in the publishing and advertising fields. His highly personal style has been defined as “cinematographic” and “pictorial.

    The models: Missy X, Kristina D, May Andersen

    The set: Madrid, Spain


    2006 – Ellen von Unwerth



    Women, travel, dreams. After the 1995 Lavazza Calendar, Ellen von Unwerth signed onto the Lavazza calendar 2006. Her attention is dedicated to travel when the skies were restricted to a select few, and the imagination was full of exotic paradises, cocktails and coffee, smiles and expectations.

    The photographer: Ellen von Unwerth
    Ironic and provocative yet always elegant and sensual, her photographs have been published in the world’s leading fashion magazines. Besides photography, von Unwerth also directs short films and music videos.

    The models: Julia, Marguarita, Kemp, Melissa, Eva J, Gia, Rila

    The set: Paris, France


    2005 – Erwin Olaf





    For the 2005 calendar, Lavazza turns to the lens of Erwin Olaf. The Dutch photographer creates a dreamy world inspired by the circus, revolving around shades of red and white, for an entertaining and surreal account of the relationship between men and women.

    The photographer: Erwin Olaf
    His way of portraying real life is always ironic and non-conformist. His photographs are rich in humor, forcing viewers to consider the limitations of the idea of beauty imposed by the fashion and advertising worlds.

    The models: Sanne, Esmee, Bettina, Carmen, Renée, Anne-Marie, Corazon, Kat, Babs, Annie, Clara, Brandise

    The set: Amsterdam, The Netherlands


    2004 – Thierry Le Gouès


    For the 2004 calendar, the photographer Le Gouès — re-creates a world made of coffee and sugar, freely inspired by pop and science fiction imagination of the ‘60s and ‘70s. Espresso cups are launched into orbit and the intergalactic voyage leads us to discover a physical and mental space beyond our fantasy.

    The photographer: Thierry Le Gouès
    He is best known as a fashion photographer, but he is also the author of famous advertising campaigns: "Soul” and "Popular", in which the public is treated to a new vision of Cuba.

    The model: Ingrid Parewijck

    The set: Paris, France


    2003 – Jean-Baptiste Mondino


    The Lavazza 2003 calendar is shot by Jean-Baptiste Mondino. The concepts are Italianness and cosmopolitism, perfectly combined in the popular “crest” image, conveying all the vitality, the irony but above all the glamour of the brand.

    The photographer: Jean-Baptiste Mondino
    His shots have been featured in various magazines including Vogue, Numero, The Face, Arena, Vanity Fair and Interview. He has photographed many famous celebrities from the world of music, cinema and fashion.

    The models: Hanna Huber, Ralph Jacobs, Micaya , Yasmine

    The places: Paris, France


    2002 – David LaChapelle


    In 2002, the Lavazza calendar is produced in colour for the very first time since its inception. This radical change bears the signature of an internationally famous photographer who is also known as "the king of contemporary photographic pop art": David LaChapelle.

    The photographer: David LaChapelle
    His exuberant, original and energetic style makes his works instantly recognizable. His style is surreal but ironic, and the bright, intense, vibrant colours are often described as baroque and over the top.

    The models: Nicole Laliberte, Margareth Lahoussaye-Duvigny, Ehrinn Cimmings, Angela Little, Chris Cormier

    The set: Malibu, USA


    2001 – Martine Franck and Richard Kalvar


    Friendship & life stories are the theme of 2001 calendar. A cup of coffee seen, through the introspective lenses of two great photo-reporters from Magnum Photos: Martine Franck and Richard Kalvar.

    The photographers: Martine Franck and Richard Kalvar
    Martine Franck produces portraits of artists and writers, but mainly dealing with human interest reportages. Richard Kalvar is specialized in urban scenes of everyday life.

    The set: Paris, France


    2000 – Elliott Erwitt

    With the new millennium the calendar proposes an original account inof images exploring the theme of European families, signed by the timeless style of Elliott Erwitt. All the scenes revolve around the everyday life routine.

    The models: 70 people portrayed

    The set: Milan, Italy; and Portugal


    1999 – Magnum Photos



    The photographer: Elliot Erwitt
    Born in Paris in 1928 to Russian parents. In 1939 he moved to the United States, where he studied photography and cinema. In 1950, Erwitt began working as a professional freelance photographer, producing work for the press and the world of advertising, before joining Magnum Photos. In the 1970s, he also began shooting adverts and documentaries.

    The places:

    Cadaqués - Spain
    Addis Abeba - Ethiopia
    Delhi - India
    Connecticut and San Francisco - USA
    Paris - France
    Tokio - Japan
    Moscow - Russia
    Venice - Italy
    Istanbul - Turkey
    Bali - Indonesia



    1998 – Marino Parisotto




    For Calendar number 6 the photographer Marino Parisotto chose the title of the famous opera by Donizetti to allude to the many personalities of coffee: passion, romanticism, drama, poetry. The subjects often underscore the "masculinity" of the beverage with the presence of iconic and statuary male figures.

    The photographer: Marino Parisotto
    Parisotto started as a fashion photographer. His advertising campaigns are romantic and visionary, tending to reveal beauty in all its forms.

    The models: Scott Benoit, Mandala Tayde, Leticia Herrera

    The set: Palermo, Italy


    1997 – Albert Watson

    In 1997, the calendar was entrusted to the camera of Albert Watson, who decides to represent “the two souls of coffee”. Coffee combines sweetness and warmth, with strength and vigor. The photographer captures the spirit of coffee, entrusting its representation to the dual significance of the woman who is angelic in some cases and a devil in others.

    The photographer: Albert Watson
    His large portfolio, includes portraits, fashion reportages, landscapes and snapshots of everyday life. He has also shot hundreds of TV commercials and music videos.

    The models: Alek Wek, Nicole Maddox, Carmen Hawk

    The set: New York, USA

  • 1996 CALENDAR

    Ferdinando Scianna

    In 1996 the warm, Mediterranean style is the atmosphere created by Ferdinando Scianna's shots, classically Italian settingsspots, mixed with the sensual pleasures of coffee. The exceptional testimonial and perfect interpreter of these atmospheres is Maria Grazia Cucinotta.

    The photographer: Ferdinando Scianna
    He alternated between reportages, fashion assignments, advertising and portraits, and finally achieved international acclaim, while continuing to work as a journalist.

    The models: Maria Grazia Cucinotta, Federica Ripamonti, Gianluca Cerruti

    The set: Fasano, Martinafranca di Puglia

  • 1995 CALENDAR

    Ellen von Unwerth

    Ellen von Unwerth, is the photographer for the 1995 calendar. Her eroticism is interpreted with irony and glamour, playing on the seductiveness of coffee. Von Unwerth also shoot the 2006 Calendar.

    The photographer: Ellen von Unwerth
    Ironic and provocative yet always elegant and sensual, her photographs have been published in leading fashion magazines. Besides photography, von Unwerth also directs short films and music videos.

    The models: Carla Bruni, Amber Smith

    The set: Paris, France

  • 1994 CALENDAR

    Helmut Newton

    Helmut Newton was again selected by Lavazza to be the photographer for the 1994 calendar. Newton's photographs, shot in Monte Carlo, have a powerful impact, that express passion and energy.

    The photographer: Helmut Newton
    Professional fashion photographer that revolutionized fashion photography by taking pictures that are sophisticated and revealing.

    The models: Verina Nadia, Aldrige Padma

    The set: Monte Carlo, Monaco

  • 1993 CALENDAR

    Helmut Newton

    For the 1993 calendar, Lavazza chose master photographer Helmut Newton. His style was perfect for conveying the passion for coffee. Newton's photographs, shot in Paris, have a powerful impact, conveying passion, eroticism and vitality.

    The photographer: Helmut Newton
    Born in Berlin in 1920, in the ‘60s he undertook a career as a professional fashion photographer. His pictures, characterized by sophisticated eroticism and revealing a superb photographic technique, revolutionized fashion photography.

    The models:
    Simonetta Gianfelici, Barbara Borghesi

    The set: Paris, France