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The coffee of Italians

Espresso is recognised throughout the world as the quintessential Italian coffee.

"Espresso" means "made to order", and this concentrated coffee is typically brewed quickly. Its essential features – the firm crema, full body and intense aroma – are the result of the pressure extraction system used in an espresso machine.

Today, domestic espresso coffeemakers enable many Italians to experience on a daily basis the way in which the alchemy between the four basic brewing elements — water, temperature, pressure and coffee — produces a perfect espresso, every time.

Its steam releases intense aromas.

An espresso's aromatic fragrance may be reminiscent of flowers, fruit or chocolate.

Its crema is thick and hazelnut-coloured.

The crema of a perfect espresso should never be frothy, too light or too dark, nor should it disappear quickly.

Body: a matter of density.

An espresso's body — meaning its structure and thickness — results from the concentration of dissolved substances in the liquid. The density, oiliness and viscosity of coffee can be distinguished and measured separately from the intensity of its flavours and aroma.

Taste is based on four basic elements.

The perfect espresso may have higher or lower levels of bitterness, acidity, saltiness and sweetness, depending on which of these tastes is most prominent in the blend.

Choosing an espresso cup Even the cup for the perfect espresso is chosen with care. A real Italian espresso should be served in a quality cup, pre-heated to 35-40°C (95-104°F), with a truncated cone shape and a maximum capacity of 70ml (2.5fl oz).

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