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Caffè Decaffeinato: Decaf coffee from Lavazza
Roast tostatura

An aromatic, well-balanced 100% Arabica blend from Central America. Experience a full-bodied, unforgettable flavour. This blend is ideal if you want to avoid caffeine without giving up the luxury of authentic Italian coffee.

Available in 8.8 oz packs (ground)

Suitable for:
Filter, moka, espresso and French press coffee makers

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Enjoy decaf coffee like never before with Lavazza Caffè Decaffeinato

A well-balanced flavour and fragrant aroma are what coffee connoisseurs expect from the perfect coffee, but can you imagine experiencing them without the caffeine? Introducing Lavazza's Caffè Decaffeinato – a decaf filter coffee made from only the finest selection of coffee beans. True to the Lavazza philosophy, this blend delivers an outstanding quality cup of coffee every single time. It is decaffeinated via a natural and selective process which uses CO2, thereby preserving all the flavour and aromatic properties of the coffee. The result? A truly satisfying, authentic taste.

A decaf ground coffee with an intense flavour

Though often used as a pick-me-up, coffee is not only savoured for the kick it provides, but for its irresistible aroma and taste. This superior blend can be used with all coffee makers to create a superb decaf espresso, cappuccino, latte macchiato and more. Enjoy its rich taste at any time of day, from your mid-afternoon break to an after-dinner indulgence. 

With its rich, mellow taste and full, tantalizing aroma, you may even forget that you’re drinking decaf.

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